Commercial Fridge Compressor Running, But Not Cooling

A commercial fridge is an essential appliance for many business owners. Whether you run a large grocery store or a local gas station, you count on your commercial fridge to keep your items cool. Like regular refrigerators, a commercial fridge can encounter a wide range of issues. But what if your commercial fridge compressor is running, but not cooling properly? Your food supplies will begin to spoil without refrigeration. Issues with the compressor can also lead to an increase in your electricity bills. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why you may be experiencing this issue and the steps you can take to solve it.

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Wrong Temperature Setting 

The control panel may be at the root of the issue. If your commercial unit is cold with the compressor working, but it doesn’t seem cold enough, the temperature controls on the refrigerator may need to be reset. Adjust the settings to the ideal temperature and see if that makes a difference.

Frozen Evaporator Coils 

Damaged evaporator coils could also be the reason for this issue. The evaporator coils can typically be found behind the freezer. Their main function is to produce cold air for your commercial fridge. 

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When the evaporator coils are frozen, there is significant damage done to your fridge. Simply unplug the unit and wait until all the ice has melted from the evaporator coils. Once this is done, you can turn on the fridge by switching on the power supply.

Fans Not Working 

There are three types of fans in a commercial fridge that affect the compressor – the evaporator fan, the condenser fan, and the compressor fan. Damage to these fans can result in problems like the compressors running, but failing to cool in addition to causing unpleasant sounds. 

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Evaporator Fan: there may be two issues here – overloading of food or a buildup of ice. If food is overloaded, remove the unwanted food from the compartment. If ice is the issue, wait for the ice to melt and then turn the fridge on by switching the power supply. If these solutions don’t work, replace the fan with a new one.

Compressor And Condenser Fan: these fans are located at the back of the refrigerator, behind the panel. Their main function is to provide cool air for the fridge. Cleaning the compressor and condenser fans will usually solve the problem, but if the problem still persists, you need to replace the fan.

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Compressor’s Switch On And Off

A bad cable can cause the compressor to turn on and off which will result in less cooling. This can cause overloading of the compressor which will cause overheating. It can cause the compressor to shut down in some fridges. If it’s broken, it may also increase the risk of electric shock.

The best solution, in this case, is to replace the cable. Incorrect thermostat settings might also cause the compressor to turn on and off. To solve this issue, you can adjust the thermostat to a low temperature.

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Compressors Gas Leakage

A gas leak can cause an increase in the overall temperature of your commercial unit. This typically happens when the compressor’s body or pipes leading to the compressor are worn out or broken. The solution is to replace the compressor’s body and then refill the gas. 

This problem can also occur if the commercial fridge has been moved while it is still turned on or after a few minutes of it being unplugged. When moving the refrigerator, it’s recommended to unplug the entire unit first, wait for one to two hours and then proceed to move the fridge. Once the fridge has been moved, be sure to wait a few hours before you plug it into the power supply.

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Cleaning is Required 

Sometimes, a deep clean of your commercial fridge is all you need to solve the issue at hand. When the accessible fans are cleaned properly and there is less overcrowding of food supplies, there are fewer chances of these problems occurring. It’s important to note that all cleaning should be done while the commercial unit is powered off. It’s highly recommended to melt all the ice and clean the refrigerator thoroughly. Vacuum the coils regularly for your unit to work at optimal performance. You can also move your fridge away from the wall to allow for increased airflow. 

Contact the Pros 

If you’ve tried all the solutions above and it still does not fix the problem, it’s time to call the professionals at Antarctic Refrigeration. For more than 30 years, our team has been providing industry-leading commercial refrigeration repair services to both commercial and industrial sectors. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial refrigeration services or to schedule a service call!

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