Ice Rink Refrigeration Repair

It’s important to ensure quality ice rink maintenance to guarantee year-round usage and enjoyment. This means more than just regular cleaning; the entire system needs to be regularly inspected for wear and tear, and any necessary repairs should be made as soon as possible. When refrigeration issues strike, you must receive the expert support necessary to provide a solution. Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions has been providing clients with industry-leading ice rink refrigeration repair for decades, ensuring that the ice stays solid and usage can continue.

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Ice Rink Chiller Repair in Toronto

One of the most common methods to keep an ice rink frozen is through indirect refrigeration. This means that a liquid called “refrigerant” absorbs heat from another substance, which in turn has absorbed more energy through its process of conversion to create coldness within the ice rink refrigeration system.

When ice rink chiller maintenance is ignored, there could be problems that require an ice rink refrigeration repair. These systems are complicated, requiring expert cooling repair specialists qualified to diagnose and service them. Our many years of servicing ice rink refrigeration systems make us the best in the industry in Barrie and we’ll make sure your ice rink chiller is up and running in no time.

Ice Rink Refrigeration System Repair in Toronto

At Antarctic refrigeration, we’ll work with your team to ensure that your facility is well maintained year-round. Ongoing repair and maintenance are critical to the long-term success of your ice rink, and some of the benefits associated with regularly servicing your system include:

Reduced energy consumption. When you properly maintain your equipment over time, it will allow for efficient running and reduce the cost of refrigerating, cooling, and heating your facility. This reduced energy consumption will allow for incredible long-term savings.

Fewer service calls. As with any sort of machinery, regular maintenance will help to prevent unnecessary failures and repairs that are a result of negligent handling. By performing regular maintenance, you’ll be able to catch problems before they become large in scale, allowing for more affordable fixes and less downtime.

Extended equipment lifespan. By taking proper care of your refrigeration equipment, you’ll be able to keep it running efficiently and effectively for far more years than you otherwise would expect.

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The Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions team has been providing maintenance and repair services to clients across the Barrie Area for decades, customizing our solutions to fit the specific needs of your facility and equipment. Our expert team will work with you to assess areas needing attention, providing comprehensive solutions to the problems you’re experiencing. With services covering the entire spectrum of ice rink refrigeration problem areas, we’re confident that we have the solution for whatever trouble you appear to be experiencing.

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Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions prides itself on providing industry-leading service at an affordable price. With expert technicians, a support team focused on your success, and a cost structure that makes maintenance effortless, we have what you need to successfully repair and maintain your ice rink throughout the years ahead. To learn more about our team, and services, or to schedule an appointment today, contact us.

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