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We won’t turn away any job when it comes to ice maker machine repair. Our crews are trained to fix all makes and models of commercial ice machines including Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and other commercial ice makers:

  • Full-Cube Ice Machines: No matter whether you own a stand-alone model, under the counter or an ice-machine-bin combo unit, we can fix it right!
  • Half-Cube Ice Machines: The most popular type of commercial ice maker that you can’t afford to have on the fritz. Again, we work on all types including stand-alone, under-the-counter units or ice-machine-bin combinations.
  • Nugget Ice Machines: You’ll find these commercial ice machines in restaurants or even health care clinics, and we fix them all!
  • Flaked Ice Machines: From the buffet line to a health care clinic, you’ll find these types of ice machines in all kinds of businesses and our crews are ready to fix every single one of them. 

If you notice any of the following issues with your commercial ice maker, it’s time to call the team at Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions:

  • Ice machine is not draining properly
  • Ice machine is leaking water
  • The ice machine is making weird noises
  • Ice cubes smell strange
  • Ice machine not making ice
  • The ice machine feels warm
  • Ice machine making a clicking noise
  • Ice machine has frost build-up
  • Ice maker isn’t making enough ice
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