Commercial Refrigeration Repair Toronto

Keeping your commercial refrigerator running in the best condition possible is so important for any business. Sudden loss of refrigeration abilities can be costly expenses and disappoint your clients. But there’s a way to ensure you’ll never face this kind of crisis. It’s time to get yourself some peace of mind by calling the commercial refrigeration experts at Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions. 

For more than 35 years, the trusted technicians at Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions have been delivering reliable installation and repair services for clients across Toronto. We are available 24/7 to satisfy all of your commercial refrigeration needs, with an industry-leading warranty on parts and labor!

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Leaky Refrigerator: Is your commercial refrigerator leaking? You might need an expert to replace various parts to fix a clogged defrost drain or drain hose. 

Excessive Moisture In The Crisper: Sometimes, you may notice your commercial refrigerator producing too much moisture in your crispers or fresh food drawers. This could be an issue with the seals of your commercial refrigerator. Seek an expert for assistance to replace them. 

Too Much Frost In Your Freezer: This is an issue that requires an experienced technician from Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions to fix. Too much frost is a result of a broken defrost system or a faulty motor powering your evaporator fan. 

Improper Cooling: If your commercial refrigerator is struggling to keep cool, you need to get this fixed right away.

You could risk losing product or worse yet—making customers sick. Our repair experts will check the drains, gaskets, and thermostats to quickly isolate and fix the problem. 

Power Problems: If your commercial refrigerator has completely stopped working, you may need a thermostat replacement or more serious repairs may be in order. This is no problem for our capable technicians to take care of either scenario. 

Weird Noises: If your refrigerator is making weird, loud, or irregular noises, there are a number of parts that could use replacing, including a fan or compressor motor.

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Commercial Refrigeration Specialists

Our team is a leader in Toronto commercial refrigeration repairs because we have decades of experience working on a wide range of brand names including but not limited to, True Refrigeration, Trane, Carrier, Copeland, and York Refrigeration, Scotsman, and KeepRite.

Our team of technicians is constantly updating its training and knowledge to ensure we’re using the very latest tools and techniques for the best repair service possible. 

Licensed and Insured Commercial Technicians 

When you work with Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions, you’re always guaranteed to get a fully licensed and insured technician.

Your commercial refrigeration needs are essential to keep your business going and you don’t want to risk putting that in the hands of an amateur handyman.

Call Us for the Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Since 1984, Toronto business owners have been trusting Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions with all of their commercial refrigeration repair needs. We take pride in the fact that we’re a family-owned and operated business that always delivers the highest standards of service. We know that you need a reliable commercial repair service available 24/7 and Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions provides that luxury! Call us today for a consultation to learn more about commercial refrigeration repair or any of our other appliance repair services.