Commercial Ice Machine Repair Service

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Why Antarctic Refrigeration Is Your First Choice

If you run a commercial business like a hotel or restaurant, it’s essential that you have a steady supply of ice available. But what if your ice machine suddenly stops working or it’s not meeting expectations? For years, business owners across the Greater Toronto Area have trusted Antarctic Refrigeration for all of their ice machine installation and ice machine repair needs.

We’re number one because we offer competitive pricing and transparent quotes even before the work begins so you’ll never feel caught off-guard. We believe in trust, honesty and integrity.

Repair Service for Different Types of Commercial Ice Machines

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Full-Cube Ice Machine

Full cube ice or full-dice ice is comprised of ⅞-inch cubes that melt slowly because they are so large. This helps keep drinks colder for longer. The Full-Cube Ice Machine is available in ice-machine-bin combo units, under-the-counter, and stand-alone models for a wide array of choices.

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Half-Cube Ice Machine

Another widely used ice machine is the half-dice ice or half cube ice machine. It’s easy to pack tightly into a drink to increase your overall beverage profit margin. These machines are similar to full-dice and also come in the under-counter, ice-machine-bin combo and stand-alone variety.

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Nugget Ice Machine

Health clinics use nugget ice machines, but you’ll also find them in restaurants and bars as they produce the ideal type of ice for blended cocktails, smoothies, and soft drinks. There are a variety of styles you can get from the nugget ice machine which includes a dispenser, under-counter, bin combo, and stand-alone models.

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Flake Ice Machine

You may see flaked ice used for salad bars and blended drinks, but it’s also very popular in the medical field where it’s used for therapeutic uses including ice wraps. Ice flake makers of the commercial variety are available in the under-counter, bin-combo, dispenser and stand-alone style of units.

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Specialty Ice Machine

Sometimes the standard types of ice machines won’t cut it. Some people who own businesses need special ice makers that can create unique and stylish shapes. Some of the more popular specialty shapes include crescent ice and octagonal ice. These models also come in the dispenser style as well as under-counter models.

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Quick & Expert Commercial Ice Machine Repair

Whether you have commercial ice makers or industrial ice makers, you need a professional who can keep your appliances finely tuned and operating at peak performance. With the experts at Antarctic Refrigeration, you can rest easy knowing that someone is always standing by to help you in an ice machine repair emergency!

Why You Should Hire Antarctic Refrigeration

If you need commercial ice machine repair in Toronto, Simcoe, Barrie or the Greater Toronto Area, call the ice machine experts at Antarctic Refrigeration today. We’ll give you a fast and fair quote so we can get to work right away. We’ll come at a time that’s convenient for you and your business because we know that you can’t afford to waste any time. Contact us today to book your appointment.