Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Commercial refrigeration maintenance is essential to keeping your business up and running. At Antarctic Refrigeration, we carefully inspect the entire refrigeration system and its components, to guarantee that the electrical appliances are operating as they should. We offer a comprehensive list of services which includes cleaning the condenser, checking the pressure, checking electrical consumption, and checking the entire operation of your refrigerator. Our top priority is ensuring that we identify any potential problems early on, and work on fixing them before your commercial refrigerator stops working. By doing this, we can prevent any unexpected issues from arising and costing you money down the road.

There are several maintenance tips you can follow that will prolong the life of your commercial refrigerator. Some of these tips include:

Clean Interior and Exterior Often

We recommend cleaning the interior and exterior of your commercial unit at least once or twice a week. Start by removing items from the refrigerator and storing them in a cooler in the meantime. Then, scrub down the unit with a solution made of soap and water or a vinegar-based solution. To clean the exterior, use a vinegar solution or a blend of warm water and detergent.

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Clean Condenser Coil Frequently

It’s important to clean this area of your unit as it’s prone to dust and dirt build-up. Remove the dust with a brush that has stiff bristles, and use a heavy duty vacuum or air compressor to remove any remaining debris.

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Check Gaskets

Take a close look to see if there are any cracks or splits – the door will not seal properly if this is the case. It’s important to clean the gasket regularly to avoid any damage. If you’d like to replace the gasket, refer to the user guide and replace it according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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Keep Drain Pans and Tubes Clean

Sludge and slime tends to build up over time in commercial refrigerators so it’s important to regularly inspect the tubing and drain pan. To ensure your unit is running at optimal performance, clean the pan once a month with a vinegar blend or a soap and water solution.

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Commercial Refrigeration Technician

Our team of commercial refrigeration technicians at Antarctic Refrigeration are highly trained and experienced professionals. We guarantee to provide you with the best solution to your problem in a quick and efficient manner. Our technicians are constantly trained to learn about all the technological breakthroughs and models in commercial refrigeration units which assures that they can satisfy even the most demanding equipment. In addition, they are also certified by some of the most prestigious organizations in the world which guarantees their quality of work. Antarctic Refrigeration’s technicians are the best choice for anyone looking for superior quality refrigerator repair and maintenance services.

High-Quality Results and Expert Service

Your commercial unit is a major investment towards your business, and it’s important to keep it running at its peak performance. No one understands this better than our team at Antarctic Refrigeration. Whether you need commercial refrigeration maintenance services or installation and repair services, we’ve got you covered. 

Commercial refrigeration is a complex system that requires the expertise of a trained technician. At Antarctic Refrigeration, our commercial refrigeration technician team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any commercial refrigerator repair or installation job. When you call us, our team will take the time to understand your specific needs and provide you with a customized solution. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service, and we will work diligently to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to learn more about the commercial refrigeration services we provide.

Common Commercial Refrigerator Issues We Repair

Like regular refrigerators, a commercial refrigerator will eventually experience some issues at some point in time. That’s where our team comes in. Our team of professionals have years of experience in the industry, and have come across all sorts of issues with commercial refrigeration units. 

These are some of the commercial refrigerator issues that we repair:

  • Commercial refrigerator is leaking water
  • Fluid found in fresh food compartments
  • Excessive frost in the walk-in freezer
  • Commercial refrigerator isn’t running
  • Commercial refrigerator isn’t cooling properly
  • Strange noises coming from unit 
  • Build-up of ice 
  • Issues with compressor 
  • Blocked vents
  • Power problems
  • Light bulb replacement 
  • Ice in drain pan 

When you give our team a call, we promise to arrive on-site promptly and ready to repair the issue you are facing. We pride ourselves on excellent service and using only the highest quality products and tools. Our number one goal is to make sure that your commercial refrigerator is back up and running, and our friendly experts can share some helpful maintenance tips as well.

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