Commercial Refrigeration Repair Orillia

You rely on your commercial refrigeration system to keep food cold and safe for your customers. That’s why you want a trusted professional commercial refrigeration technician who can keep your unit running the way it should.

Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions offers more than 35 years of commercial refrigeration repair experience you can count on.

Commercial refrigeration repair services

We offer 24-hour commercial refrigeration repairs that meet all your business needs. 

We exceed our client’s commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance expectations with the highest level of service. We are trained to not only offer commercial refrigeration repair services but also offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your unit is always performing at maximum efficiency.

Commercial refrigeration specialist

Commercial Refrigeration Specialists

When it comes to commercial fridge repair in Orillia, locals turn to the experts at Antactivic Refrigeration. Our technicians are expertly trained to service all GE makes and models as well as leading commercial refrigeration units from Trane, CNC, York, and Carrier.

We also offer commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services on older units so you can get the maximum lifespan out of your refrigeration product.

commercial refrigeration repair services

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Our commercial refrigeration repair service includes all the most common commercial refrigeration problems and specialized repair issues including: 

  • Refrigerator Leaks – As your refrigerator ages, it can develop leaks that can cause damage to both your fridge and your infrastructure. We come prepared with the right tools and equipment to put a stop to leaks, protecting your fridge and your floors. 
  • Fridge Not Keeping Food Cold: Our technicians are experts in quickly identifying the reason your fridge is not keeping food cold. They will quickly diagnose the source such as a broken fan or condenser and make the repairs on site. 
  • Excessive Frost – This is a common issue in older refrigeration units, but can also be a sign of a problem with the evaporator fan in newer fridges. 
  • Fridge Making Noise -Do you have a noisy fan or a fridge that is rattling while running? It’s time to check the compressor or fan to see if they have been damaged or are worn out. This is usually the quickest way to get your fridge working properly again. 
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Licensed and Insured Commercial Technicians 

All our commercial refrigeration technicians are fully licensed and insured so you can feel confident you are being assisted by professionals who understand the importance of keeping your commercial refrigeration system operating at maximum efficiency.

Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions technicians received ongoing training and licensing to ensure they are always up to date on the latest commercial refrigeration technology. 

Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our emergency commercial refrigeration repair service is just one of the reasons Orillia residents choose Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions. We are there for you 365 days a year, including holidays to make sure you are never left looking for commercial refrigeration repair services when you need them. 

Contact Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions today to speak to our experts about 24-hour commercial repair in my area.