Commercial Refrigeration Repair Oakville

Commercial refrigeration repair in Oakville begins with a call to Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions. We have been helping local business owners with their commercial refrigeration repair for more than 35 years. Our technicians provide expert service, backed by unbeatable warranties so you can always trust that your work is being done right and at a price that fits your budget. 

We understand how important it is to keep your commercial refrigeration unit running at maximum efficiency. That’s why we offer 24-hour commercial refrigeration repairs so you never have to worry about having the right repair services when you need them.

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We offer a full range of commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services including: 

So whether your commercial refrigerator is not working or your chiller system has malfunctioned, you can trust the technicians at Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions put your units back in working order.

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

When you have a commercial refrigerator, you want to know that your service and repair technicians can address any issues.

Our technicians are trained for all commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services so you never have to worry about excessive downtime or scrambling to find the right repair service. 

  • Refrigerator Leaks – We are trained to put an end to refrigerator leaks. Our maintenance services stay ahead of cracks and damage. We do regular inspections and take preventative steps to ensure you never have to deal with damaging leaks.  
  • Fridge Not Keeping Food Cold: As your commercial fridge gets older common issues may arise such as a malfunctioning condenser or broken fan. We get your unit up and running again quickly because we arrive ready to work with the right tools to make any repairs on-site. 
  • Excessive Frost – Is your commercial refrigerator starting to look like the north pole? It may be due to a broken evaporator fan that can result in a buildup of ice. Our technicians can get your cooling system to function properly again, improving airflow and preventing ice from forming. 
  • Fridge Making Noise – Your fridge should never make rattling noises. The most common cause of this is a faulty compressor or broken fan. No matter the age or make of your unit, Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions can silence your unit and get it running efficiently and effectively again without any more noise. 

Licensed and Insured Commercial Technicians 

Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions commercial refrigeration repair and service technicians are dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured so you can trust that the technician who arrives at your site is fully qualified and trained to do the job right. 

Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Repair

We understand that not all commercial refrigeration issues happen between 9-5. That’s why our commercial refrigeration repair service technicians are available 365 days a year including holidays. Our 24-hour commercial refrigeration repair service is designed to eliminate the burden of scrambling to find a qualified repair technician. 

Discover why Oakville residents trust their commercial refrigeration service with Antarctic Refrigeration Solutions. Contact us today to book a service call.