Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Established in 1984, Antarctic Refrigeration Service Company is ever since focused on serving through high professionalism and best practices in installations, repairing, and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Antarctic Refrigeration Services believes in providing superior options for commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance; the company has earned an unparalleled reputation with its ever-growing clientele by serving with dedication for more than 25 years.

Comprising of an excellent and competent team of technicians, Antarctic Refrigeration Services believes in delivering nothing but the best services and offers, as the company values customer relationship, respect, trust and satisfaction. The pioneers in Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration repair services, Antarctic Refrigeration Services performs 24/7 to serve efficiently and effectively.

Highly competent and up-to-date technicians are equipped to provide supreme services all over the Central and South-Western Ontario. The Antarctic Refrigeration Services team is dexterous in handling emergencies, and comprises highly trained, qualified, and licensed technical team that excels in solving all refrigeration related repairs irrespective of the brand, models or make of a particular product.

Antarctic Refrigeration Services always ensures its well-stocked trucks carry the necessary parts required to fix any system. The outstanding services, workmanship and competitive rates, are the trademark features that set Antarctic Refrigeration Services apart from the crowd.

Environmentally conscious and aware, Antarctic Refrigeration Services provides and encourages a thorough and routine maintenance on a regular basis through comprehensive and tailor made maintenance and repair programs suitable for organizational or personal users. Such practices have long term benefits and involving enhanced and optimal usage of any refrigeration system or unit.

With our highly trained, and licensed technicians in service, central and southwestern Ontario that are guaranteed to not only to fix any commercial refrigeration repair needs, but also accomplishing an assignment professionally, promptly and dexterously. Antarctic Refrigeration Services believes in finding solutions and sorting issues and fixing!

For any commercial refrigeration emergencies, contact us 24/7 647-995-5574

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